5 Quintessential Gentlemen Accessories In A Modern Society

Over the centuries, gentlemen’s style has evolved however some staple accessories have made it through this evolution without fail. Some got refined while others were simply tossed to the side. In today’s modern society, gentlemen are respected globally for their impeccably refined style and elegant detailing…after all the devil is in the detail. The elegance of the a gentleman’s detailing works particularly well because it is streamlined, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Welcome to The Gentlemen’s Chronicles

The definition of a Gentleman is open to interpretation but this is my understanding:

A gentleman is well mannered with solid etiquette, values and principles. He is a strong believer in personal growth, has a great understanding of himself and is keen on exploring new ideas & cultures. He also takes pride in his appearance as well as inspiring others with his personal achievements and the downfalls he has learnt from.

A Chronicle is a record of events; a history. Every gentleman creates his own history but many don’t have a platform to share their story.

Gentlemen’s Chronicles has been created to do just that. We are here to share the stories from gentlemen around the globe. If you believe your gentleman ways are something to shout about, or know someone who fits this profile, please get in touch and you could be featured in the upcoming series of Gentlemen Chronicles.

Email gentlemensodyssey@gmail.com expressing your interest and we will let you know how to get involved.

Catch you later,


3 Footwear Staples

Gentlemen, are you struggling to find footwear with wider versatility, class and style? Or perhaps you’re trying to be a minimalist? The 3 pieces of footwear discussed below are the absolute must haves that I think every gentleman should invest in on their journey to building a stylish and interchangeable wardrobe.  Each pair can be worn in both formal and casual settings.