More than half of the world’s population knows the term ‘GENTLEMAN’ but only a handful understand the concept or most importantly the ideology behind being a gentleman in today’s modern society.

Welcome to Gentlemen’s Odyssey; a steadfast men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. Edifying men with knowledge of essential attributes to become a ‘GENTLEMAN’ is our priority. If you subscribe to the ethos of Gentlemanism, welcome to your decalogue.

We provide the latest insights on style, etiquette, smart shopping and global travels whilst exploring what it means to be a gentleman in today’s society.

This world is changing at a vast pace and it’s difficult to keep up with worldwide affairs. However, this has inspired us to write the odysseys of inspirational gentlemen based all over the globe and also understand the ladies perception of the word ‘gentlemen’, After all what’s a King without his Kingdom



Joseph Valentine Alade (JVA) / Founder

Joseph is a young and vibrant London/Nottingham based entrepreneur, social media content creator, men’s image consultant and a clinical research professional. JVA is a man of culture, style, confidence, pride, manners and positive persona but most importantly…he is a gentleman. JVA believes in assisting men with their professional and social life by enhance how they present themselves.

Mario Alidor / Co-founder

Mario is a passionate and self-driven entrepreneur with strong A directive vision when it comes to achieving his ambitions and goals. Growing up in London, Mario always knew this would be a perfect city to deliver his ambition of becoming a gentleman. Mario strongly believes that becoming a gentleman starts from within and aims to guide men in all aspects of their lifestyle. When Mario is not working on his goals, he enjoys mental and physical fitness including self-development.

Áine McCarthy / Co-founder

Áine (Aw-n-yah) is an enthusiastic marketing and PR professional living in London. Having grown up in Cork, Ireland, Áine could not wait to escape the small city and jump to the UK. Áine believes that the modern day gentleman should be opening doors for ladies. Small gestures, like so, makes us ladies truly appreciate a gentleman.