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A Visit To The Past

Right… where do I begin? First and foremost happy Sunday everyone, it has been a while since I last posted on here. I’m currently in a transitionary phase in my personal life and with that comes quiet a few changes and challenges, which I had to take some time out to focus on. As humans we should always strive to evolve, learn and ultimately grow. I’m back in the blogosphere and boy do I have content for all you gentlemen and fashionistas out there.

Fashion Choices; Past V’s Present

Have you ever wondered why humans wear clothes? It’s pretty simple; clothes protect us against weather and environmental elements as well providing comfort. Believe it or not humans resembled hairy mammals back in the day and clothes were introduced as a result of humans losing excess body hair prior to the ice age (bad timing right?)

Effortless Styling; The Turtleneck

Turtlenecks have been a reoccurring trend in men’s fashion and are also a classic staple piece. That being said, I believe turtlenecks will be making a much bigger appearance in men’s fashion throughout 2017. As mentioned in my ‘top 3 stylish essentials for winter‘ post, turtlenecks are my absolute favourite as they can be easily styled. They can be worn over chinos, denim or even with a suit. In fact, every gentleman should invest in a well fitted turtleneck and don’t just stop at one colour.

The Semi-Formal Decipher

After all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations comes the sudden realisation that you might not be able comply with every new year resolutions you may have made. If you were lucky enough to get time off for Christmas you should just about be settled back into your normal work routine. It certainly took me a few days to get my body clock back in order, all those late nights had me feeling like I had jet lag the first few days back at work (and yes I realise Ireland is in the same time zone as the UK)

Top 3 Stylish Essentials Proven To Enhance Your Winter Sartorial Elegance

I guess it’s safe to say that winter is in full swing, we’ve all felt the gradual reduction in temperature these past few weeks. Below is a list of essentials that I believe are well suited for winter and they do an absolutely great job in elevating a well put together outfit. These essentials should be incorporated into every gentleman’s winter collection.

The Black Tie Decipher

At some point in your professional life, you will receive an invitation to an event with the dress code specified as ‘Black Tie’. Deciphering and executing this dress code can be daunting. For most people, black tie equates to the classic black tuxedo however not all gentlemen possess a tux and renting shouldn’t be an option. Renting results in compromising on fit and other qualities. It’s highly recommend for every modern day gentlemen to invest in a well fitted slim fit tux for black tie events.