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I’m 100% a phone dropper.

Up until a couple of years ago I was a BlackBerry user through and through. BB’s are fairly durable and I guess you could say I took that for granted.

2 years ago I took the big jump and moved over to Apple. What prompted this move was been given an iPhone 6s for business purposes. I found myself using it more regularly than my personal phone so it only made sense to get myself an iPhone once my BB contract was up. And I did just that but my Apple addiction didn’t stop there. With 2 iPhone 6’s, 2 iPad’s, a shiny new MacBook Air in my life and with thoughts of getting Apple TV I think it’s fair to say….. I have a problem.

With all these devices also comes pain. The pain after accidentally letting them slip out of your hand and face planting the floor which almost always results in a scratch or a dreaded crack.

Just when I was losing my patience with all the cracks and scratches Snakehive reached out to me to review one of their phone cases. I jumped at the chance as I’ve never been a phone case user and I need to protect my phone for both my wallet’s happiness and my own sanity.

Having used it for over two weeks now it’s fair to say it has got a fair share of usage. It’s hard to come across a phone case which ticks the stylish and durable box. Usually they look good but are not very practical, or they’re unbelievably bulky and not stylish at all but Snakehive have managed to create a stylish, classic, durable case.

Believe it or not, the case helps me to stick to a minimalist lifestyle. It has room for 3 cards and also space to hold receipts. I travel a lot for business and I’m forever losing receipts so having a designation space to put receipts has been a lifesaver.

Overall I’m really impressed with this product. Its of high quality and is set at an affordable price. The soft finish and stitching detail are all something that drew my eyes to case and so far I haven’t been left down. I would recommend this product to anyone on the hunt for a case. 

Are you a phone case user?

Catch you later,


*case gifted for a truthful review.

Gentlemen's Odyssey

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