Fashion Choices; Past V’s Present

Have you ever wondered why humans wear clothes? It’s pretty simple; clothes protect us against weather and environmental elements as well providing comfort. Believe it or not humans resembled hairy mammals back in the day and clothes were introduced as a result of humans losing excess body hair prior to the ice age (bad timing right?)

Multiple studies estimate that humans began wearing clothes between 83,000 and 170,000 years ago, and survival rates improved after they began wearing clothing.

During a trip to Ireland for Christmas I took an impromptu visit to Newgrange which was eye opening. It was surreal to see a display of the typical ‘outfit’ worn in Ireland in the Neolithic age.

As seen from the images it involved a lot of animal fur (faux fur on display) and other durable materials. Although fur is seen as a taboo these days we have to remember that thousands of years ago everyone was a scavenger and made do with what surrounded them.

Jump into the 21st century and clothing has changed tremendously.
Everyone has their own comforts but there’s dress codes for the workplace, events, interviews, special occasions … you name it and there’s more than likely a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thing to wear.

Clothing can also be seen as an indicator of social status, gender and personal taste. The choices are now endless.

Can you imagine living in a time where you had just one thing to wear and it looked identical to what everyone surrounding you had on?..

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